Month: January 2020

BTC WOD 20.1.7

Strength/Skill Max Effort Pull Ups for 1 unbroken set Unbroken, staying on the bar, kipping, butterfly, strict, whatever.  Record your number because this will be repeated.  No jumping pull ups or box pull ups today.  We need it to be measurable and repeatable, so strength scaling is ring rows at […]

BTC WOD 20.1.4

W.O.D.             Complete 4 Rounds For Time             100 ft. of walking lunges AFRAP (As Few Reps As Possible or Steps)             1 burpee per lunge step taken             Coach will explain how AFRAP / AFSAP WODs work.             The 100 ft of lunging will be our normal 25 ft. […]