Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 15.10.27


Push Jerk 3×2 @ 85%
For Time Complete:
Within 5 minutes
Row 1000 meters
Rest remainder of 5 minutes

Within 5 minutes
100 SDLHP-Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55
Rest remainder of 5 minutes

Within 5 minutes
100 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55
Rest remainder of 5 minutes

*Score is the sum of the time remaining from all stations. Example 0:50 + 1:02 + 1:10 = Score of 3:02 of time remaining.

Athletes will be staggered at stations. There is no transition time between stations.

If an athlete fails to complete the required work in the time period the score is 0:00
Scale accordingly from Rx please. Weight stays the same, but repetitions should be scaled to row 750, 75 and 75, then 500, 50, 50. No mixing.

Boot Camp

(7:30 am, Tues./Thurs.)

E3M (Every 3 Minutes) Complete For 36 Minutes or 12 Rounds
200 Run
5 Push Ups
10 Jumping Lunges (each leg=1 rep)

*Just like our regular EMOMs athletes will complete the work required and then rest the remainder of the 3-minute time period.

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