Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 15.4.13


Front Squat 1RM


AMPAP 10 minute (As Many Pounds As Possible)



*For this WOD there is No Rx or Prescribed weight.  Instead athletes may choose their own weight.  Their score is then the number of repetitions performed times the weight used.  The goal is to move as many pounds as possible within the fixed time limit or total pounds moved.  Athletes may change the weight on the bar once the clock starts, but be careful to keep track of your repetitions for each different weight.  For example Athlete #1 chooses to use 95 lbs for the thruster and completes 100 repetitions (that’s just 10 a minute), while Athlete #2 chooses to use 135 lbs for the thrusters and completes 60 repetitions.  The scores would be; Athlete #1 9,500 lbs moved, Athlete #2 8,100 lbs moved.  Plan this one accordingly.

Kat & Eric