Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 15.5.28

Snatch 3×6 @ 60% (Form & Technique)
EMOM Snatch Ladder 18 minutes
Snatch 95/65 (Full Depth)
Starting on minute 1 perform 1 snatch, minute 2-2 snatches, minute 3-3 snatches, etc. When an athlete falls to complete the required snatches in the minute time period, stop snatching and complete 25 burpees for time (time cap for burpees is 19 minutes total).
Record minutes completed of snatches and total time to complete burpees or number of burpees before time cap. If 18 minutes of snatches are completed be happy and pat yourself on the back and skip the burpees.

Memorial Day Murph Pull ups