Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 15.7.21


Bench Press 3×1 @90%
#1 Tabata (8 rounds 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest)
Hand Release Push Ups
Rest 2 minute
#2 Tabata (8 rounds 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest)
Chin Ups (Palms in or towards you)

Boot Camp

(7:30 am, Tues./Thurs.)
Complete For Time (45 minute time cap)
1 Mile Run
30 Burpee Pull Ups
800 Run
20 Burpee Pull Ups
400 Run
10 Burpee Pull Ups

*Scale number of Burpee Pull Ups accordingly (ex. 20,15,10 or 15,10,5)

Public Service Announcement: Save the 10 lb plates!

We have been noticing some cracking and excessive wear on our 10 pound plates.  Please help us make our equipment last as long as possible.  To help prevent this excessive wear we are asking our athletes if they have less than a 25 lb plate on a men’s/gal’s bar (less than 95 lbs on a men’s bar and less than 85 lbs. on a gal’s bar) to please use a training bar with 25 lb plates.  This will not only help save our 10 lb plates but will also be more stable when dropped. Thus, the plates will not lean sideways and this will give you an advantage on some of those barbell WOD’s by saving time not having to straighten the barbell or chase it across the gym.

A great example of this is the Rx weight of 65 lbs. for the gals.  A gal’s bar with 10’s and 5’s will wobble and fall sideways, but a training bar with 25’s will stand tall.  In the same note wiping down your barbell after a WOD is appreciated by everyone whether you have ground in chalk, skin, blood or just sweat.

Thank you for helping make our equipment last longer!

Lastly, Coach Jeff and Coach Cliff will be performing some barbell maintenance all this week.  This will consist of scrubbing and oiling the knurling and lithium greasing the collars and bearings.


Last but not least, no Dropping empty barbells or any dumbbells! You know who you are.