Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 15.9.12


As Teams of 2 (teams of 3 if we have a larger turn out)
Acquire as many repetitions at each station as possible
Only one partner may work at a time.
2 minutes at each station, 1 minute rest/transition between stations.
Teams will start at different stations then follow the station order.

Station #1
Sled Push 180lbs all
Station #2
Sled Pulls Backwards 50lbs all
Station #3
Tire Flips large/small
Station #4
Wall Balls 20/14
Station #5
Toes to Bar
Station #6
Slam Balls 20/10
Station #7
Killer Rope Skips
Station #8
Man Makers 50/35 dumbells
Station #9
Sandbag Ground to Over Shoulder (outside on stall mats)
Station #10
Rope Climbs

Front Squat EMOM