Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 16.1.29



Deadlift 3×1 @ 90%
Complete 5 Rounds For Time
5 Ring Muscle Ups (Sc 10 Ring Dips, then Ring Row)
10 Deadlift 245/175

Muscle Up Athletes, you may scale the repetitions of the muscle ups according to your skill level, any number lower than 5, like 4,3 or 2. It’s about successfully achieving what you have in a WOD, not continual fails to reach the “Rx” number.

No box or bench dips today, we need to work on the rings.

Boot Camp


AMRAP 25 minutes

25 Wall Balls 20/14

25 Sit Ups (holding wall ball, no throw)

25 Walking Lunges (holding wall ball, any way)

Phil & Lauren Skiing

Photo credit: Phil Herman