Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 16.12.17

Ugly Sweater WOD

Trust us this one will get ugly…


Warm Up Deadlift


In 20 Minutes Complete for Heaviest Combine Load

Deadlift/Rope Climb


Athletes will perform 3 Deadlift/3 Rope Climbs, 2 Deadlift/2 Rope Climbs, etc

uring the 3-2-1-1-1-2-3 WOD weight may go up or down as needed.

Score is the total or combine weight of all the deadlifts, If an athlete has time remaining after the final Deadlift/Rope Climb set of 3, they may continue to deadlift until time expires.  Although, the Deadlift weight must remain the same as the final set of 3.