Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 16.4.6


Deadlift 4×3 @ 85%
Complete For Time
Deadlift 365/255
Bar Over Burpees

If Rx weight of 365/225 is higher then your 80%. Use 80% of your 1 RM (or less 70%) for the WOD. Also, please partner up for strength, its Wednesday.

Boot Camp

Dumbbell Day (please choose DB’s that will challenge you)
Complete 3 Rounds For Time
30 Man Makers
30 DB Overhead Walking Lunges (each leg=1 rep)

* A man maker begins in the push up position, perform a push up, then back to the locked out plank position, then perform a row with the right arm, then with the left, then a squat clean into a push press (thruster). That equals 1 repetition.

Adrian Deadlift