Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 16.5.11


Strict Press 4×5 @ 55%
Tabata #1 8 rounds, :20 seconds work. :10 seconds rest
HSPU-Hand Stand Push Ups (Sc, hand stand holds, box HSPU)
Rest 1:00
Tabata #2 8 rounds, :40 seconds work, :20 seconds rest
Wall Walks (Sc, Box Walks, Ring Rows)

Traditional Tabata Scoring on both and sum of two

Boot Camp

Long Tabata #1 8 Rounds 1:00 work, :30 seconds rest
Air Squats
No extra rest period between Tabata’s
Long Tabata # 2 8 Rounds 1:00 work, :30 seconds rest
Hand Release Push Ups
No extra rest period
Front Plank Hold for Longest Time (no changing positions once started, straight arms or elbows)

Greg farmers carry