Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.10.17


Nutrition Challenge Test Out

No strength today for pre and post nutrition challenge comparison purposes. Measurable, Repeatable and Testable


Nutrition Challenge After Test

Complete for max effort total repetitions and time for sprint. Please record repetitions of each movement, time for run and the score of total repetitions or combine score of all movements, time for sprint is on the side.

3 minutes each station 1 minute rest between stations
Station #1
Strict Pull Ups (Dead Hang/Dead Strict Pull)
Station #2
Straight legged Sit Ups (No Kipping)
Station #3
Hand Release Push Ups (Chest, Hips and Toes on the ground)
Station # 4
Bottom to top air squats (Starts at the Bottom)
Station # 5
400 Sprint

If you are completing the Nutrition Challenge please make sure you record your score on the nutrition challenge log sheet, as well as writing your score in red on the board.