Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.3.29


Snatch Cluster
1 rep = 1 Snatch, 1 Power Snatch, 1 Hang Power Snatch

We are looking to work up to 75-85% of our snatch for 1 rep during strength

Within 20 minutes complete
Snatch Cluster (utilizing the same weight throughout)

We have got some explaining to do:

  • This is not for time, but for weight and consistency of movement.
  • The weight on the bar will remain the same throughout the workout.
  • The athletes may choose their own weight or percentage.
  • The athletes may determine their own rest period.
  • Once the barbell is picked up, it cannot be released for that set of reps to count. The set of “3” is really 9 repetitions. No Dropping.
  • If an athlete fails at a certain set/rep they will be allowed to continue attempting it, after successfully completing, then they may continue the ladder.
  • The goal is to successfully complete the ladder, with the score is the weight used.
  • If an athlete fails to complete the ladder their score is the number of successful repetitions completed, no weight needs to be recorded, because the ladder wasn’t complete.