Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.5.20


The Thomas Sandau Nutrition Challenge Winner Workout!

Thomas picked the prize to program your own Saturday WOD with Coach Cliff. Here it is, lets all show up to perform Thomas’s W.O.D. and show your support for his success in the nutrition challenge. Nice work Thomas!


Complete For Time
15 Deadlift 155/115
15 Box Over Jumps 24/20 (Sc, Box Step Overs)
15 Hang Cleans 155/115 (full squat)
15 Pull Ups
15 Back Squats 155/115 (from the floor)
15 Toes 2 Bar (Sc, Knees 2 Elbows)
15 Hang Clean & Jerks 155/115 (Split or Push Jerk)
15 Bar Facing Burpees