Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.5.5


Back Squat 2×5 @ 85% (no more than 2-minutes between sets)
Complete For Max Repetitions
4 minutes each station, :30 seconds transition to next station
Station #1
Running (each yard = 1 rep)
Station #2
Atlas Stones to Shoulder 115/65
Station #3
KB Farmers Carries (Down = 1 rep, Down & Back = 2 reps)
Station #4
Wall Balls 20/14

For the running, plan ahead, unless you have run a sub 4-minute mile before, the mile run is out. You will want to choose a distance you will finish around the gym near the 4-minute mark. Only :30 seconds to transition to next station. Any “odd” yards do count.

For the Farmers Carry, Coaches will set up cones that are the length of the outside gym stale mats or equal with the orange & white boards.