Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.7.10


Cleans 2×1 @ 80%, 1×1 @ 85%
“Clean Karen”
150 Wall Balls 20/14

But for every 25 wall balls completed stop Karen and complete the Clean Ladder.

There will be 3 Clean ladders set up (in the middle of the gym)
Men’s Rx; 135/155/185/205/225
Women’s Rx/Men’s Sc; 95/105/125/145/165
Women’s Sc; 35/65/95/105/115

This is complete for time still, and the Cleans are full depth squats.

Once you complete the Clean Ladder return to Karen for another 25 reps and so on. If you fail an attempt on the Clean Ladder, no retry’s, move to the side and complete a 10 burpee penalty, then continue with Karen. Find the scaled Clean Ladder if you need to. Remember to return to the Clean Ladder every 25 reps, including the final set.

35 minute time cap