Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.9.23

Come out to Elitch Gardens in Denver and help support out girls teams at the Girls Gone Rx Competition! Details following the WOD picture.



CrossFit Total

Within 1 hour complete a 1RM for

Back Squat


Strict Press


All lifts must be completed within 1 hour, including the warm up.  Only 3 attempts will be allowed for a 1 RM.  Score is combined weight.

Here is the info and heat times for Saturday’s Girls Gone Rx CrossFit at Elitch Gardens. They state you can get free parking before 9am.

You are allowed to bring in supplements, drinks, food and so on before 9am. Limit your coolers, try to consolidate items. If you have a big group, all with coolers, they may limit your group to 1 cooler.
All liquids needs to be in clear bottles. No outside alcohol.
Coolers- ONLY competitors can bring coolers and must be before 9am.

Athlete Village-
Pop up tents are allowed, must be brought in and set up before 9am. After 9am you are not allowed to bring in tents and coolers!
You can set up starting setting up Saturday morning, after 6am.

Get your spectator tickets for next weekend’s Girls Gone Rx event at Elitch Gardens.
Purchase tickets in advance for $29 (at the gate they are $54) as well as discounted parking.

Event 1:
12 Partner Deadlifts 265lbs
With remaining time within each minute:
50 Sandbag Ground to Over Head 50lbs
AMRAP Single Unders 4lbs
Lauren BassMolly PetersonShawna White – 8:30 am
Cortney BrumleyJennifer RubattShelby Baker – 9:30 am

Event 2:
For Time:
Shuttle Sprint Relay
Athlete 1: 34ft Sprint to Cone 1
Athlete 2: 50ft Sprint to Cone 2
Athlete 3: 82ft Sprint to Cone 3
100 Squats 30lbs
75 Russian Twists 30lbs
50 Medicine Ball Cleans 14lbs
Lauren Bass, Molly Peterson, Shawna White – 12:04pm
Cortney Brumley, Jennifer Rubatt, Shelby Baker – 12:52pm

Event 3:
6 Minute Clock for the team to establish a 1rm Barbell Complex for each Athlete
Barbell Complex: 1 Hang Clean + 1 Shoulder to Overhead
Lauren Bass, Molly Peterson, Shawna White – 3:00pm
Cortney Brumley, Jennifer Rubatt, Shelby Baker – 3:40pm

There is also a floater event.