Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 17.9.7


Athletes after a very successful 1 RM week last week, we will be taking an “off” week and focusing on some specialized skills movements. Most of these movements simply require practice and patience. Please work on your skills during the WOD. For athletes already proficient at these skills I am challenging you to return back to the basics. Working on the foundation or the base of the movement that got you there and will help you become even more proficient at the movement. It will be more obvious what we are after this week when you see the WODs Rx movement verse the Sc movement.

Turkish Get Ups
Complete For Heaviest Load (Right Arm/Left Arm = 1 rep)
Pistols (Alternating 1 legged Squats)
High Box Jumps, Practice Jumping 1 Box Size Higher Then Normal

EMOM Mash Up 24 minutes
1 Turkish Get Up (No Rx KB weight today, challenge yourself)
Practice Perfect From & Technique, (right arm/left arm = 1 rep)
6 Pistols (Alternating Legs, each leg = 1 rep, Sc Box Pistols)
Practice Slow and Controlled
12 Box Jumps (1 box or more higher than your normal)
Practice Good Explosive Power

Minute 1 Turkish Get Ups
Minute 2 Pistols
Minute 3 Box Jumps
Minute 4 Turkish Get Ups
Minute 5 Pistols
Etc. Continue for 24 minutes