Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.4.14


Spartan Race Training Day

“Rise up, warriors, take your stand at one another’s sides, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground. Come back with your shield or on it.”

As a class “some” minutes of running in the field across the street. Follow the leader style, up down and around the trees, small hills and uneven terrain (Donnie K this is totally you). And probably “some” partner Beetle Carries and movements at the end.

Walk back to the gym “and then” set up for this….

Complete For Time

30 Burpees

25 Box Step Ups 24/20

20 Atlas Stones to Shoulder 115/65

15-100 Yard Sand Bag Carries 60 all

(Yes you can perform a 200 and count it as 2)

10 Monkey Ring Passes

5 Seated Rope Sled Pull M/W weight

We will stager the class out at different start stations or exercises and complete in order. There will be a backlog just like the Spartan race, Haha.