Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.4.25



Front Squat (from the floor) 3×3 @ 80%


AMPAP 16 minutes

Front Squats @ your 70% (from the floor)

Score is total number of repetition’s x weight used= total # of pounds moved.

For this style of WOD, AMPAP (As Many Pounds As Possible) we traditionally let the athletes choose their own weight and play the game of “How much can I lift, for how many reps, for how long, for how many total pounds”. But, today is not traditional; in coincidence with our current programing cycle the weight is fixed at your 70%. Yes significantly heavier then some would normally choose for their Front Squat AMPAP. Scaling options please see your Coach, this includes discussing your Clean 1RM, but that is also part of the plan.