Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.4.27



Power Snatch 2×5 @ WOD weight and 200 jog at 80% after each set, warm up


This workout is a slightly altered version of a WOD from CrossFit HQ main site. It is a perfect one for our current cycle.

Complete For Time

7 rounds for time of:

5 power snatches 135/95 (Sc weight still heavy please)

1 sub-0:45 200-m sprint (Sc 1:00, other Sc times please see coach)

If the sprint takes longer than 45 seconds, redo it before moving back to the snatch. Meaning you must finish under the 45 seconds to move on to the next round.

This workout requires you to find a balance between speed and pacing. You want to rest as little as possible while still meeting the time requirement to avoid extra runs. Pick a run pace that requires a strong effort.

We will try to start the WOD as early in the class as possible to allow for potential sprint redo’s (happy face you guys finally get “redo’s” if you need to, aren’t you excited). The time cap is simply 5 minutes before class ends. Once you choose a sprint time and start the WOD, you may not change or scale again, choose wisely.