Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.4.5



Warm Up Your Deadlift


Complete the Deadlift Ladder As Many Times As Possible

Within 20 minutes

Mens Rx 275-315-365-405-455

Mens Sc 135-185-225-275-315

Womens Rx 190-220-255-285-315 (these lanes will us women’s barbell)

Womens Sc 85-125-175-215-265 (these lanes will us women’s barbell)

There will be 4 “lanes” set up in the gym and you may only choose one of them period (no worries about mens/womens lanes, just choose what pushes you hard to complete), No switching once chosen, choose wisely it is 20 minutes long. Only 1 attempt at each weight period no excuses. Butttttt!!!

If you fail an attempt, immediately stop, move to the side and perform 10 burpees for each barbell left remaining to complete the ladder. The burpee penalty will then count for completion of the ladder. Then restart the ladder from the beginning. For example an athlete fails on the fourth barbell, they perform 20 burpees to complete the ladder. 10 burpees for the barbell they failed on and 10 for the last one.

Move fast and go, the burpee reps are lower this time.

Score is the total number of times you have completed the deadlift ladder, no partial credit will be given and no other “changed” scaled ladders will count period. Learn how to be as strong as you are and be proud of it.