Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.6.16



Wildland Firefighter Work Capacity Test “Pack Test”

In preparation for Hot Shots 19 on Saturday, June 30 we will be performing the wildland firefighter pack test. The pack test, formally known as the work capacity test, is a physical fitness test for wildland firefighters. The pack test is intentionally stressful as it tests the capacity of muscular strength and aerobic endurance of the firefighter.

3-mile hike with 45-pound pack in 45 minutes
No jogging or running is permitted
The test is Pass/Fail only
Bring a backpack (or vest) that weights 45lbs or can hold 45lbs
Packs will be weighed before testing

There will be scaling options available, either weight and/or distance.

This is the test all of the Hot Shots 19 completed before they went to the line.