Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.6.9



“Implement Day”

As Teams of 2

Complete For Time

800 Run

500 ft Briefcase Set Farmers Carries

(50 ft down and back = 100ft, repeat 5 times)

(Each briefcase set: 1-4.5st, 1-5.5st, 1-6.5st and 1-7.5st)

800 Run

50 Alternating Partner Atlas Stone Ground 2 Shoulder 115/65

(Must alternate 25 total each, male/female teams may utilize 2 stones)

800 Run

50 Partner Beetle Walking Lunges

(Over in the grass, each leg counts as 1 rep and it must be synchronized)

800 Run

50 Killler Ropes (each)

(1 rope per team)

*All team will start with an 800 run and then be staggered to different implements.