Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.7.6



Bench Press 3×3 @ 85%


Partner WOD, in teams of 2

Complete 5 Rounds For Time

10 Bench Hop Overs (over & back + 1 rep, or 20 total)

10 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups (Sc, Jumping Chest 2 Bar, then see Coach)

Partner 1 performs 10 and 10 and then partner 2 performs 10 and 10. That is 1 round. Or you could say 10 rounds total for both.

* New Movement for CrossFitters. Sports Specific Coaches have used this for years (I have used it with all my sports specific one on ones), everyone names it differently, but it is simple. The athletes hands are on the bench near the front or top, feet are together on one side, in one swift explosive movement the athlete keeps their arms locked and straight and jumps the legs and feet together simultaneously over the bench landing simultaneously together, then back over and repeating. – Coach Cliff