Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.8.22



Front Squats 3×8 @ 50%


Tabata Mash Up 20 Rounds, :30 seconds work, :10 seconds rest

Kettlebell Swings 70/55

Box Jumps 24/20

Box Dips (single box) 24/20

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 70/55

Sc; KB weight and box height, it’s a tabata so choose your numbers wisely.

For the single box dips, both hands behind you and go as low as your can and earn that shoulder strength we need for this cycle. That is what will help you find, redefine or preserve those elusive chest 2 bars and muscle ups.

Note from Coach Cliff: Congratulations to all the athletes who have achieved chest 2 bar pull-ups or who have finally performed “real ones” during the WODs. Congratulations to all the all athletes who got their first muscle up (rings or bar) and congratulations to all those athletes who performed more muscle ups in a WOD then they had ever done before. I guess all those Chest 2 Bars are finally paying off. I am a very proud and excited Head Coach/Programmer and couldn’t hold it in anymore. I thought you guys should know. Keep up the hard work.