Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.9.22



“Partner Fun Day”

As Teams of 2

Complete For Time

Complete in any order and partition as chosen, but must follow individual instructions for each movement and both partners must work on the same exercise at the same time.

50 Tire Flips (Partners must alternate, choose the right tire)

50 Atlas Stones to Shoulders 115/65 (Partners must alternate)

1-Mile Run (Both partners must complete a total of 1-mile)

400 yards total of Briefcase Farmers Carries

*For the Farmers Carries, the team has 2 briefcases total, each partner may carry one (side by side), or one partner may carry 2 and switch off. Basically work together and get 2 briefcases carried for a total of 400 yards. Please choose the appropriate briefcase weight for your team.