Big Thompson CrossFit WOD 18.9.8



NFL Pro Combine Workout

Athletes will compete in 6 events (max 3 attempts at each event):

Testing; time, speed/acceleration agility, accuracy, distance-height/length and load.

  1. 40 Yard Sprint (Time, Speed)
  2. Cone Sprint Drill (Time, Agility)
  3. Tire Jump Drill (Time, Accuracy)
  4. Vertical Jump (Distance-Height)
  5. Broad Jump (Distance-Length)
  6. Bench Press (Load; 225/155=10pts, 185/135=8pts, 155/115=6pts, 135/95=3pts, 95/65=1pt, all per rep)

We hold this workout each year so you can record your results and track your progress each year.

Go Broncos!