BTC WOD 18.10.31

BTC WOD 18.10.31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costumes and Shenanigans are heavily encouraged today.


A spooky, scary and fun warm up


As Teams of 3

Complete For Time, work may be partitioned as needed and completed in any order. But, the whole team must work on the same movement at a time (obviously).

75 “Zombie” Partner Wall Balls 14/8 (*1)

25 “Boo” Burpees Synchronized (*2)

75 Cal “Mummy” Rows Stiff Armed (*3)

6:00 mins “Hangman’s Dead Hang” Peg Board (*4)

(*1) “Zombie” Partner Wall Balls 14/8, first notice the wall ball weight. Wall ball may be thrown to the appropriate wall line however the athlete wishes, no squat or anything required, except going over the line. But, after partner 1 throws the wall ball partner 2 must catch it for the rep to count and then partner 2 throws and partner 3 catches and partner 3 throws and partners 1 catches and continue. It’s a total of 75 wall balls for the team or 25 each.

(*2) “Boo” Burpees Synchronized, Standard burpee beginning all team members must be on the ground at the same time. But, there is no jump and clap or “full” stand up required. Only that your feet are the only thing on the ground. The jump and clap are then replace with the team screaming “Booo” together for the rep to count and end. 25 total boo burpees as a team synchronized.

(*3) “Mummy” Rows Stiff Armed, Obviously, using the rower. One rower per team, teammates alternate. But, the arms must remain stiff and not bend at all. Rowing only using your legs and hips. Each team member must row a total of 25 calories, for a team total of 75. Team members may choose to row all 25 cals or switch off as they choose.

(*4) “Hangman’s Dead Hang” Peg Board, Utilizing the peg board team members must simply dead hang with their feet off the ground, not braced on the wall and accumulate the required time total. The total time is 6:00 minutes, each team member must participate, but no minimum individual time is required. Teammates may switch out, as often as wanted, the team just needs to accumulate the total time. I would like at least 2 teams to start on this one first since we only have 2 pegboards and we don’t want to back up all this scariness.