BTC WOD 18.10.5

BTC WOD 18.10.5


Front Squat 3×1 @ 100%


Within 12 Minutes Complete

3 Sets of Max Effort

Bar Muscle Ups (Sc, Chest 2 Bar, Reg Pull Ups)

Toes 2 Bar (Sc, Knees 2 Elbows)

Combine on the bar no release or break, must complete in order, muscle ups first then toes to bar, no mixing up. 1 Bar Muscle Ups counts as 3 points for scoring.

*Max Effort Rules of Engagement

Both the Bar Muscle Ups and T2B must be connected or Unbroken. Dropping off the bar ends the set. Athletes must stay on the bar, game this right. There is no rest or break between the movements. Move from Muscle Ups straight into T2B. Standard or Open rules for Muscle Ups and T2B, meaning no resting or holding on the bar at the top. Score is the combine total of all 3 sets of Bar Muscle Ups and T2B combined, remember that every single Bar Muscle Up counts as 3 points or reps for your score (as well as the scaled options). A bar muscle up must be completed before any T2B. Earn your skills. Scaling, just move and work as long as you can. If needed mix scaling and Rx movements and push yourself to your best, but it is still scaled. Today is a competition day, push yourself. Especially if you have been here all week, you will seriously earn your strength and benefit from it.