BTC WOD 18.11.23

BTC WOD 18.11.23

Annual Black Friday WOD

Lead by Coach Phil this year!


Don’t miss out on all the great specials!


Gym doors will open at 10:00 the WOD will be explained, teams chosen and warmed up for accordingly. Then all athletes will go outside (really just the front room if its cold). Team order entering the gym will be decided during the warm up. The doors will reopen for “shopping” at 10:20.

No weights or equipment can be “pre” set up. The teams will have to set up their stations and coordinate. It might be chaos. Although, shopper safety and satisfaction is still our #1 priority. And BTC “blue light specials” will be announced randomly. Once announced teams can choose to chase the “blue light special” for the discount or continue shopping.

As a Team of 4

Complete for Time, Athletes may work (shop) at the same time, only 2 barbells may be utilized regardless of team make up.

4000 Row

200 Clean & Jerks (Power or Muscle Allowed) 115/85

300 Deadlifts 115/85

400 Sit Ups

Blue Light Specials, To Be Announced, in no specific order or time.

Store Credit, First team to complete 40 Wall Balls 20/14 will receive a 500m row credit. Only 1 athlete may work at a time.

Time Savings, First team to complete 25 synchronized burpees, will receive a 2:00 reduction in overall time. All team athletes together.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free, First team to complete 25 synchronized partner push ups (shoulder touch), will receive an extra barbell to be used during the WOD. All team athletes together.

Buy 1 get 1 half off, First team to complete 100 Single Unders (or Double Unders if you have them). Every athlete on the team. Will receive a half off repetitions award. Meaning once the wining team has completed all the repetitions of any 1 of the 4 original movements, they can choose 1 of their remaining movements to cut the required repetitions in half. (not the left over or remaining repetitions).