BTC WOD 19.1.12

BTC WOD 19.1.12

Coach Cliff’s Strength Classic is today!

No Saturday Class

Check in for the Coach Cliff’s Strength Classic starts at 9:00.  Event will begin once on checkins, weigh-ins and any late registrations have been completed.

This is an in house BTC members only competition.

 Friends and family are welcome to attend and cheer athletes on. 

You may register the morning of the event, but we encourage athletes to register early for planning purposes.  If you have never competed before this is the perfect first competition.  If you have competed before this competition will test your skills and help hone them.  Your successes will forever be immortalized on the Coach Cliff’s Strength Classic Wall of Champions (hanging in the members room). 

If you don’t wish to compete we still need volunteers for everything from plate changing to score keeping and of course Coach Cliffs personal calm down and stop stressing person.  Lauren H. did great at this last year, but is unavailable this year.  These are really big (but tiny big) shoes to “phil”. Ha ha ha

– Coach Cliff