BTC WOD 19.11.5

BTC WOD 19.11.5


Deadlift warm up


            Within 30 minutes

            Complete the Deadlift ladder as many times as possible

But, after every ladder completed stop and perform 10 Hand Release Push Ups or if the ladder is not completed perform 10 HRPU for every barbell remaining.

Deadlift Ladder Lane Weights

            Lane #1, 125, 175, 215, 265, 305

            Lane #2, 135, 185, 225, 275, 315

            Lane #3, 275, 315, 365, 405, 455

Rules of Engagement:

There is no Rx or Sc Ladder, just choose a Lane/Ladder that challenges you (An additional lighter weight ladder may be set up if the class needs it).

Complete the Ladder and then perform 10 HRPU and repeat.

If the ladder is not completed and you have 2 barbells left, complete 20 HRPU, you do not need to perform the extra 10 for completing the ladder, just 10 per number of barbells remaining.  Then it counts as completing the ladder for your score.

Score is total number of times the ladder is completed.  The push ups do not count towards your score.  But if you finish the ladder and at 3,2,1, Stop you only have 6 push ups completed, that ladder “rep” does not count towards your score.  All push ups must be completed for the ladder “rep” to count.

Athletes may move up to a heavier ladder if they started off wrong, but not back down.  Or switch over at the end of the WOD if you are feeling a new PR.