BTC WOD 19.2.23

BTC WOD 19.2.23

CrossFit Open WORKOUT 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in
15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row

Some notes about the Open:

  • Athletes can perform the Open Workout on Friday or Saturday. If you plan to do the workout Friday it would be great if you could give the coach a heads up. This allows the coach to try and gather additional judges if a large number of people plan to do the workout Friday.
  • For every week of the Open Friday’s WOD is the Open Workout. This allows members who are not registered for the Open to try the workout. This also gives athletes who want a chance to preform a “walk thru” to test the workout the opportunity to do so. 
  • Saturday is our big competition day for the Open. Please plan to pay it forward and help judge if you feel comfortable doing so. We are looking forward to seeing all the team spirit on Saturdays and watching you all cheer each other on!
  • This year we are treating our Open like the Games or competition day.  And just like the Games you only get one chance at the WOD.  There are no, zip, zero, zilch redo’s at all. 
  • The only person who can judge or allow a redo (on Saturday, Monday or any day) is Coach Cliff.  No other redo scores will be validated.  The redo must be judged by Coach Cliff.  To contact Coach Cliff:
  • If Monday is the only day you can perform and be judged for the Open workout (if you were out of town on Friday/Saturday or ill) this must be done at Open Gym. You will need to contact Coach Cliff to arrange time on Monday during Open Gym. To contact Coach Cliff:
  • Good luck!

Date: 190223 Saturday