BTC WOD 19.3.18

BTC WOD 19.3.18


Rowing Form & Technique & Mobility


            As Teams of 3, complete as many repetitions as possible

            In 18 minutes

            Row 500

            Kettlebell Swings Max Effort 70/55

Partner 1 rows, partner 2 swings KB, partner 3 rests.  And rotate and repeat, every team athlete must rotate through the stations (one partner just cannot sit on the rower, while the other 2 alternate swinging).  Score is total number of KB swings, only 1 KB is allowed to be swinging at a time.  If teams have mixed male/female you may utilize 2 KBs, but only 1 may swing at a time.  The rower must be moving for the swings to count. Turn over and transition time will be very important and quick today.  Have fun.