BTC WOD 19.4.1

BTC WOD 19.4.1


No Strength today, get warmed up and prepare for the “Double Redo WOD”


Today we will “Back to Back” perform CrossFit Open WODs 19.3 and 19.5

These are this years CF Open WODs I had athletes ask to perform “redos”.  So, with great consideration I have decided to allow it today.  But, you must perform both WODs, in order, no sandbagging, don’t worry they both have time caps. 

If you Scaled the Open Rx’d or are in the Masters Division with masters “Rx’d” scaling already in place, please complete it as you did previously this year.

Coaches, please follow the class timeline below carefully to allow athletes the chance to perform their best, recover and beat their previous scores.  The back to back platform will really allow athletes to show their performances off and provide for some good bragging rights.

19.3 WOD (10 minute time cap)

            200 ft. Dumbbell Overhead Lunge 50/35

            50 Dumbbell Box Step Ups 50/35, 24/20 box

            50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

            200 ft. Handstand Walk

19.5 WOD (20 minute time cap)


            Thrusters 95/65

            Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

Example Class Timeline (the nooner class)

12:00-12:10, athlete warm up on own and set up for first WOD 19.3

12:10-12:13, Movement Standards Review 19.3 & 19.5

(Everyone already knows the movement standards so it will be a quick review.)

12:13-12:23, 19.3 WOD

12:23-12:33, 10-minute rest period, and set up for next 19.5 WOD (barbells and pull up area)

12:33-12:53, 19.5 WOD

12:53- End of Class, clean up, post both scores and cool down/mobility

Have fun guys, this will be great!!!