BTC WOD 19.4.29

BTC WOD 19.4.29


Clean Form & Technique

Cleans 1×6 @ 55%, 1×4 @ 65%, 2×1 @ 75%, 1×1 @ 85%, 1×1 @ 90%

Warm Up for WOD, Remember the full depth squat is implied


In 20 minutes complete as much as possible

Clean Ladder (Full Depth Squat)

Men’s Rx; 155/185/215/235/255

Women’s Rx/Men’s Sc; 105/125/135/155/175

Women’s Sc; 55/75/95/115/125


For every barbell left remaining in the Clean Ladder Stop and perform 5 burpees.  If you completed the ladder, rest as long as needed and “no burpees for you”.

Rules of Engagement

Choose your “lane” no switching

Only 1 attempt at each weight

When or if you fail you are done with that round of the Clean Ladder

Full depth “Squat Clean” No power clean into a front squat, you will be judged on this, hip crease below the knee


Scoring is 2 part

  1. Number of Clean Ladder Rounds Completed
  2. The number of burpees performed.  Just like Golf, you have to make the cut each day and complete the next round (of the clean ladder). Then the lowest score (number) of burpees completed wins. 

Lastly, the weights have changed slightly from our normal Clean Ladder weights.  This is so athletes have the chance the cease the moment and PR today! Go For It.  SUBU! (Show Up and Blow Up).