BTC WOD 19.6.4

BTC WOD 19.6.4


Bench Press 3×1 @ 90%


            Skillz EMOM 14 minutes (odd/even)

            Double Unders (max effort 1 minute, really about :40 seconds)

            Ring Muscle Ups (max effort 1 minute, really about :40 seconds)

Today is a practice/training day.  Earn your skillz.  As always with an odd/even EMOM, I am looking for about :20 seconds of rest, so plan this accordingly.  For scaling, athletes who are close to ring muscle ups, perform box jumping ring muscle ups, then scale to ring dips and then to toe touch ring dips.  Double Unders are for every athlete to try.  Remember there is no score today.  So just practice your skillz and do your best. Just keep moving through the EMOM, no rest, no rep count, no worries, just practice. – Coach Cliff