BTC WOD 20.11.17

BTC WOD 20.11.17


Strict Press 3x @75%


Handstand Push Up Ladder

Minute 1, perform 1 Handstands Push Up

Minute 2, perform 2 Handstands Push Up

Minute 3, perform 3 Handstands Push Up

Minute 4, perform 4 Handstands Push Up

Continue to increase by 1 rep every additional minute.

FYI Guys, I made this one completable, lets get after it. – Coach Cliff

15 minute time cap.  Score time completed or last full round completed and any odd reps the next minute.  (14 + 10,  14 rounds completed 10 reps in minute 15).  When you fail to complete the required repetitions for that minute your workout is complete.

*Scaling will follow the same Every Minute Ladder with Box Handstand Push Ups, but starting with 2 reps and increasing by 2 reps every minute.  2 reps is if you are toes on the box with a vertical back.  If your Box HSPUs are more like incline push ups then it is 3 reps, increasing by 3.  See your Coach please.

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