BTC WOD 21.1.2

BTC WOD 21.1.2

Complete 2021 Repetitions For Time

Movements are “weighted” with different repetition count.

Athletes may choose the movements they wish to perform, to complete a total of 2021 repetitions.  And may be completed in any order or pattern.  Even though movements are listed in a progressive order (grouping) athletes may choose to perform all or two or one or none of the movements in that grouping.  You do not have to do them all you may choose your own attack, you just must get 2021 reps.  This is just for your planning purposes.  Plan ahead.   Example; movement 1 rep = number of weighted reps (plus any stipulations or barbell/implement weight).  Scale movements and weight accordingly as always.  Example, Pull Ups, Sc Jumping Pull Ups 1=1.

Have fun welcoming in the New Year.  Plan with your Coach if you have any questions or scaling needs.  Time cap is before class ends.  FYI the weight reps have been adjusted from last your so please make a new plan for the new year.

Rowing 1 meter = 1 rep (athletes can only row a total of 500 meters, which would count for 500 reps)

Rowing 1 calorie = 2 rep (athletes can only row a total of 500 calories, which would count for 1,000 reps)

Sit Ups 1=1

Knees to Elbows 1=2

Toes to Bar 1=5

Ring Row 1=1

Ring Dip 1=2

Ring Muscle Up 1=10

Pull Up 1=1

Chest to Bar Pull Up 1=2

Bar Muscle Up 1=10

Push Up 1=1

Hand Release Push Up 1=2

Handstand Push Up 1=5

Air Squat 1=1

Wall Ball 20/14 1=2

Thruster 115/85 1=5

(From the Floor)

Back Squat 115/85 1=1

Front Squat 115/85 1=2

Overhead Squat 115/85 1=5

(From the Floor)

Push Jerk 115/85 1=1

Push Press 115/85 1=2

Strict Press 115/85 1=5

Power Clean 115/85 1=1

Hang Power Clean 115/85 1=2

Clean 115/85 1=5 (full squat is implied)

Power Snatch 115/85 1=1

Hang Power Snatch 115/85 1=2

Snatch 115/85 1=5 (full squat is implied)

Deadlift weight = weighted for reps.

(Second Deadlift Barbell area may be set up in the back of the gym for all to use.  All the other barbell movements are 115/85).

Deadlift 185/135 1=1

Deadlift 225/155 1=2

Deadlift 315/225 1=5

The left overs (sometimes they are good and other times not so much)

Single Unders 1=1

Double Unders 1=3

Triple Unders 1=5

Jump Rope, athletes may not perform more then 300 repetition total count (weighted), that’s 300 single unders or 100 double unders or 60 triple unders.

Box Step Ups 24/20 1=1

Box Jumps 24/20 1=2

Box Jump Overs 24/20 1=5 (completely clear the box, no touching)

Russian Kettle Bell Swings (eye level) 55/35 1=1

American Kettle Bell Swings (overhead) 55/35 1=2

Single Arm KB Snatch 55/35 1=5

1 Full “Ring The Bell” Peg Board Climb 1=50

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