Closed Monday

Closed Monday


AMDAP (all day long, not a quarter day, not a half day, but a full day)

As Many Driveways as Possible


Gym is closed TOMORROW, Monday March 15th due to severe weather (besides we know you can’t get out of your driveway anyways).

2 Comments on “Closed Monday

    • So how many reps for 120 feet X80 feet at anywhere between 2-3 feet pushing a tiny Honda snow blower and then shoveling back porch chicken coop entry and chicken yard. And go top it off moving the pile of snow the asshole left behind my pickup when he got stuck last night. I’m exhausted 😴. BTW my husband works for CDOT so it’s only fair I do all of the shoveling at home.😜 I’m not sure if I can get out yet cause the Wonderful town of Berthoud did zero snow removal.

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