BTC WOD 21.3.17

BTC WOD 21.3.17

🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀

The gym parking lot still has a lot of snow. Please be prepared to wear snow boots from your vehicle to the gym and then leave your snow boots on the carpet by the front door. Change into your nice and dry gym shoes for the WOD. Thank you!


Coach Lead Mobility

Focused on the Lower Back (from all that snow shoveling) and maybe some forearms


            Complete 17 repetitions of each movement for time (in order)

                        Ground 2 Shoulder w/ Dumbbells 50/35

                        Reverse Lunges 50/35 (each leg = 1 rep)

                        Even Dumbbell Lateral Raises 50/35

                        Eye Level Double Dumbbell Swings 50/35

                        Narrow Dumbbell Push Ups 50/35

                                    Rest 1:00 minute (no more dumbells required)


                        Elbows 2 Knees

                        Explosive Push Ups (clap your hands)

                        Reverse Jumping Lunges (each leg = 1 rep)

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