BTC WOD 21.4.3

BTC WOD 21.4.3

Happy Easter! 🐰 🐣 🌷


“The Great Easter Egg Hunt”

As Teams (equally divided for class size, hopefully 3 teams)

            Complete 10 Rounds For Time

            200 Run

            Find an Egg and Complete Task or Movement

Teams will be assigned and team “egg” color

Teams must run and stay together.

Teams must run with and carry their  “ Easter Basket” at all times.  Depositing each found egg in it.

Once all members of a team have completed 10 rounds, find Coach Cliff, (he may be hiding somewhere) and confirm you have found 10 eggs and receive a riddle and solve it to find where the “Golden” Egg is hidden.  First team to find the golden egg wins and the WOD is over.

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