BTC WOD 21.5.3


20 minutes

Get Ready and Warm Up for the WOD it moves quicker then you will think.  But it is your athletic choice how you get ready for this.


Within the time given complete for maximal weight

3:00 Minutes

 Front Squat 1 Rep Max Weight (from the rack or floor, its your choice)

  2:00 Minutes Rest (and prep)

3:00 Minutes

 Strict Press 1 Rep Max Weight (from the rack or floor, its your choice)

2:00 Minutes Rest (and prep)

3:00 Minutes

 Max Deadlift weight hold in lock out position

(Yes you may drop it and continue counting the time once locked out again, the goal is the weight times the lock out.)

Athletes may succeeded or fail as many attempts as they wish within the time given for that movement. 

Score is three fold today.  First the total combine max weight lifted, for each single attempt of the, the Front Squat + the Strict Press.  Then the Second score is the amount of weight held in the lock out position times the number of seconds.  Simply put 225 held in lock out for 180 seconds (or all 3 minutes) is a score of 225 x 180 = 40,500.  The third score is simply the total of all three events.  40,500(DLLO) + 300 (FS)+185(SP)= 40,985 for a total score.

But have fun gaming and planning this one.  Or just show up!

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