BTC WOD 21.8.23

BTC WOD 21.8.23


Clean Mobility warm up.  Focus on the Basics


            Within 20 minutes

            Complete this cluster for total pounds lifted

            Clean Cluster (LOL play on words)


            1 Clean Cluster =

                        1 Hang Clean (Squat)

                        1 Hang Power Clean

                        1 Clean (Squat)

                        1 Power Clean

The usual “Cluster” rules apply.  Once the barbell has been picked up and the cluster has started.  There is no resting, stopping, stalling and if the barbell is dropped the rep is over.  Athletes may attempt as many times as wished and may change weight up or down.  You just have 20 minutes to Clean.

Score is just the weight successfully lifted and the sum of all, not the weight times the reps for the sum.

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