Floor Press 3×8 of something medium/light

Floor press is nothing more then the “bench press” lying on the floor.  Be ready this is more different then you think and has some difficult angles.

If you cant find something to floor press perform standing press (strict press) same reps same idea.

Check out this link to the BTC Guidance Set/Reps COVID-19 to help you plan for strength movements.


AMPAP 8 minutes

Push Ups (wear a vest 20/14 or weighted if you wish to)

Most traditional AMPAP’s stand for As Many Pounds As Possible.  And the athlete gets to choose their weight (on the barbell) and decide how to game the WOD.  Today the athlete still actually “got to” choose their weight, because it is your body weight times the number of push ups completed in 8 minutes.  Meaning you weight 225 and you performed 200 push ups.  Your score is 225×200=45,000 pounds moved.  So, the same old AMPAP, minus a barbell and just your body weight.  Utilize scaling depth gauges as needed.  Unless you choose to wear a vest or weights, then that weight also adds into your body weight for your total score.  Why 8 minutes and why is over 200 push up repetitions, this should be your goal.  Well let’s think and decide.

8 mins for this (at a medium jog)

8 mins for that which is a tough pull but doable

8 mins for these (got that no problem)

8 mins for (Ok I’m tired maybe 8-12 mins) for the legs to burn

8 mins for just getting started down the back alley and coming to life

Wow great Job that’s a 40-44 minute Murph, bring it guys you got this!