We have talked about supporting your community, saying something nice to someone you don’t know, helping others and finding an old friend and reconnecting. Today I ask you to take a moment and reflect upon yourself.  And when you like what you see, go do something nice for yourself.  Treat yourself for your hard work and what you have done.  Maybe an ice cream treat (food is essential) or a long nap or some time with that book you meant to finish reading. Perhaps it is just lying outside and working on your sun tan.  Find something to do for you.  For me it will be reflecting on 43 and looking at my new door to 44. – Coach Cliff


L.S.D.  (Long Slow Distance)

Run some distance twice as far as you normally would choose.  Don’t lie to yourself, we just reflected upon that.

Score is just the distance (no time).

No need for a vest today, just go run an L.S.D.