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COVID-19 Update

No Masks Required Outside! 🎉 We received news from Larimer County masks are not required outside with 6 feet social distancing and no shared equipment! Masks are required when entering the gym and anytime you go inside. We will be spending some $$$ and Coach Cliff’s labor to add add additional […]

BTC WOD 20.5.6

W.O.D. “Light Weight Mile” Complete For Time 20 Back Squats 55/35 20 Front Squats 55/35 20 Overhead Squats 55/35 400 Run 15 Strict Press 55/35 15 Push Press 55/35 15 Push Jerks 55/35 400 Run 25 Hang Cleans 55/35 (full squat) 400 Run 25 Hang Snatches 55/35 (full squat) 400 […]

BTC WOD 20.5.5

W.O.D. Within 20 Minutes Strict Press 1 RM (from the floor) Once Completed Rest 2 minutes on your own and then perform Within 5 minutes Max Effort Push Ups Score, record Strict Press 1 RM and Number of Push Up repetitions Important Notes: Be sure the read our COVID BTC […]

BTC WOD 20.5.4

W.O.D. Complete 5 Rounds For Time 5 Man Makers (hold something) (this time 55/35 DBs) 200 Run Perform as close to the same as you did on the first day of the gym’s temporary closure, but in the gym this time. You can use the weights or bring in what […]