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BTC WOD 20.6.6

W.O.D. Coach Cliff Classic: “Outside Implement WOD” Atlas Stones Pain Sticks Briefcases Tire Flips With some running of course This will all be programed and planned dependent on class athletes and number, so we can still meet all the COVID regulations.

BTC WOD 20.6.3

Strength/Skill Coach Lead SLIPS 15 minutes W.O.D. Kettlebell Kluster, AMRAP in 20 minutes complete             1 Kettlebell Right Arm Hang Power Snatch 55/35             1 Kettlebell Left Arm Hang Power Snatch 55/35             10 Kettlebell Swings 55/35 This must be performed unbroken, without putting the kettlebell down or resting.  (Scale […]

BTC WOD 20.6.2

Strength/Skill Back Squats 4×4 @ 70% W.O.D. EMOM 18 minutes 1 Bar Muscle Up, plus 5 Jumping Air Squats (Straight Up, complete both movements in that minute and repeat) Scale, 3 Pull Ups, plus 5 Jumping Air Squats (Work on your “next level” pull ups, butterfly kip, standard kip, strict […]