Success Stories

Shauna talks about her CrossFit journey

What do members say about Big Thompson CrossFit?

“I’m so glad to be back in the gym and look forward to coming everyday. I can say with confidence that BTC is the best crossfit box I’ve been to (and I’ve tried quite a few!). Your thoughtful programming, great coaching, constant encouragement and welcoming of my girls makes BTC feel like home away from home. Thanks for giving this stay at home mom an outlet and something to look forward to on long days with the kids.” – Laura

“This is a great gym, with knowledgeable coaches, and a friendly community.Any age group or fitness level is welcome. If your new to crossfit, there is no better place in the area to start.” – Tim

“This is the strongest I’ve felt since I’ve had my 2 kids. It’a a wonderful feeling.” – Emilee

“I have crossfitted at many gyms and Big Thompson is by far one of my favorites. The community is awesome and the coaching is pristine. I highly recommend Big Thompson CrossFit to athletes of all levels.” – Heidi

“First class equipment, facility, and coaches. Small classes with regular coaches who get to know you and and help you meet your goals.” – Julie

“Best place to get an awesome workout in and achieve the goals you thought were out of reach. With the great coaches, comfortable & clean environment, and great community anything has become possible! Thank you to the coaches who strive to make everyone’s goals become in reach!” – Megan

“I have been working out on a team or on my own for most of my life and Cliff is the best coach I have ever encountered. Not only does he know the precise physiology behind the workouts but he is the perfect combination of drill sargent and motivator.” – Mercedes

“Thank you very much for instructing us yesterday.  I really enjoyed the class, and am very impressed with both yours and Cliff’s instructional style and patience.  One of my big fears was that your gym would have the ultra-competitive-elitist-meathead attitude that I’ve seen from many other tactically-bearded-tribal-tattooed-CrossFit-instructors, that I’ve come across .” – Guido

“I have been an athlete my whole life along with being a Division I college athlete and I’ve never encountered a coach who genuinely cares about all of their athletes as much as Cliff and the staff at BTC does. Cliff and Jeff focus on movements and do not let someone workout with poor form. They push me to my limits and make me work harder than I ever have. “ – Kelli

“Great gym, amazing people, awesome Rogue equipment, and most importantly top of the line coaches who help you grow, reach your goals, push your limits, and most importantly keep you safe!” – Tonya

“As someone with NO previous CrossFit experience, I needed something and someone to show me exactly what I needed to do to achieve my goals. BTC proved to be just that place. Jeff and Cliff have helped me develop the skills needed to be successful in the gym which is translating to other things like skiing, biking, running, etc. “ – Shane

“Awesome community with passionate coaches and excellent programming! They work with you to reach your individual goals.” – Lauren B.

“My wife and I were visiting from Michigan and we attended the noon class last Friday. Thanks to Jeff and Cliff for the great class and all the fun handstands afterward. We felt welcome and had a great time. Awesome gym! Don’t hesitate to check this place out.”Shawn

“Had an awesome experience here! Very knowledgeable coaches!!” – Kylee

“I dropped in on a few classes while I was in town visiting, and absolutely loved this box!! The community here exemplifies what Crossfit is all about – I’m sad that I didn’t get to hang out more after the Saturday class to chat with the members. I will definitely stop by next time in town!” – Lauren M.

“Knowledgeable coaches, friendly athletes, great programming even for this novice! Glad I popped in to check it out!” – Collen

“Positive and encouraging atmosphere! The coaches are supportive and knowledgeable. Clean and organized environment. BTC is a superb place with a wonderful community of truly GREAT people who challenge and inspire you to be your best.” – Stephanie

CrossFit is a whole new mind set, and Big Thompson CrossFit has made everything so easy to flow into, and way less nerve racking to join the CrossFit communtity, Cliff White has been our coach since basics and my brother’s Seth, Stefano, and myself have joined strength club and love it. BTC is such a safe, welcoming community and I wouldn’t want any other CrossFit training unless it’s received from them. But all New CrossFitters beware, it’s addicting!!” – Cameron

Big Thompson CrossFit is amazing. Their attention to detail is on point! Their coaches are fantastic and really keep your progression and safety in mind at all times. Their gym is very clean and organized. Classes are on the smaller size, so it’s easy to get the attention you need. Members are very friendly! Overall, the gym is amazing and has a great atmosphere. I recommend Big Thompson to all my friends! – Brindisi