Thank You Coach Phil!

Thank You Coach Phil!

We wanted to thank Coach Phil for being part of BTC since 2017. Phil has coached 346 classes at BTC. Wednesday will be Coach Phil’s last day coaching the 5:45 am class as he is stepping down from coaching to focus on his family. We encourage you all to set your alarm tomorrow morning to attend Coach Phil’s last Wednesday 5:45 am class. Thank you Coach Phil for being part of the BTC Coaching staff! You will be missed.

2 Comments on “Thank You Coach Phil!

  1. Phil- You will be GREATLY missed…enjoyed getting to work w/you when I could!! Also can appreciate your decision of family first—that’s why you’re the great guy you are!! Blessings & hope to see you around!?!?!!💐👏💪

  2. Phil you will be missed! It has been great having you at BTC all these years as a “near Founder.” Please don’t be a stranger!

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